While it seems more common for women to visit spas for services, men are also welcome. Many spas are now offering a variety of services designed just for men, and giving your man a gift card to a spa might be a great gift idea. An even better idea is to schedule a couple's day at the spa for both of you. This would be a great way to enjoy each other and get pampered at the same time. Here are two ideas of services you could choose for a day at the spa with your man.

Couple's Massage

Massage therapy is something many people enjoy because of the way it feels, but it is also good for your health. During a couple's massage, you and your partner will get to be in a massage room together. This room will have two massage beds on it, and there will be two massage therapists performing the massages at the same time. This can be a very therapeutic experience, and it is a great way for a person to experience his or her first professional massage. Before doing this, here are three things you should know:

  1. You can each select a different type of massage – Most spas offer a variety of different types of massages, and you can each choose a different type. One option is a deep tissue massage, which tends to offer great effects for sore muscles. Another option is a hot stone massage, which is a great choice to make if you would like to try something new.
  2. You can tell the therapist your preferences – Even though the massages will take place in the same room at the same time, you will each still be able to ask for personal preferences. For example, if you would like the therapist to focus on your neck and upper back, he or she will gladly do this.
  3. You can choose the length of time – When you select the type of massage you would like, the therapist will also ask you how long you would like it. It's best for both of you to choose the same time length, simply so that the massages start and end at the same time.

Getting a massage can be very relaxing and enjoyable, especially when you get to share this experience with your partner.

Couple's Body Scrub

The second service you may want to consider doing together is a couple's body scrub. Body scrubs are designed to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, and there are usually several types to choose from. These are great for both men and women, and they will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh, and clean.

Body scrubs normally take place in wet rooms. A wet room is a room in a spa that is set up for services involving water. Therapists use water sprayers to rinse your body, and there is a drain on the floor to remove the water. Here are three things you should know about body scrubs:

  1. You will have to undress completely – Undressing completely is normal during massages too, but it is a necessity during a body scrub. You will be covered with towels, though, and the therapist will never see you completely nude.
  2. Body scrubs can be very abrasive – Most body scrubs contain salts, which can be rough on the body. This is necessary to exfoliate your skin though. If the scrub is too abrasive for you, let the therapist know.
  3. There are different types of oils – Body scrub materials also contain oils. If a spa offers couples' body scrubs, they will usually have certain oils for women and certain ones for men. You can each choose a different type if desired.

Going to the spa with your partner is a great way to spend a day together. To learn more about services available for couples, contact spas in your area.