Using a leave in conditioner is an easy and simple way to restore health and moisture to your hair. Leave in conditioner works well to make sure that your hair does not dry out and become brittle. One of the best leave in conditioners you can use is one that you make yourself. Making your own leave in conditioner allows you to customize the conditioner so that it meets your hair's needs. When making a leave in conditioner, oils are one of the main ingredients you should include. Knowing which one to choose can be overwhelming. Luckily, this list has narrowed down a few oils that you can use.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is considered to be a holy grail oil when it comes to hair and skin products because of its conditioning abilities. When used it leaves the scalp and skin feeling extremely soft. The oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory for skin that is irritated. In order to use jojoba oil simply heat it up and add it to your leave in conditioner. Try to make sure that you include at least a few tablespoons of the conditioner. In order to get the best results from jojoba oil, coat your hair using the leave in conditioner, then place a cap over your hair and scalp. Allow the heat from your scalp to create a deep conditioning treatment. Allow this to happen for at least an hour. Once done, do not rinse out the conditioner, simply style your hair as you like.

Olive Oil

You are probably more familiar with olive oil than you are jojoba oil. Olive oil is not just a staple in the kitchen but it is also considered to be the go to oil for many health and beauty products. Olive oil is frequently used in skin care products because it contains healthy fats and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make it ideal for soothing skin that is irritated. The healthy fats also work well to restore moisture to hair that has been damaged and destroyed. You can use olive oil in your leave in conditioner as a base. This means that the majority of your leave in conditioner should be made up of olive oil. 

Natural oils are often essential for creating a solid homemade leave in conditioner. Therefore, use this as a guide to ensure you make a conditioner that works best for your hair. For other great products, check out Envii Haircare