If you are in the process of growing a beard or having been maintaining your beard for quite some time, then you realize just how important it is that you have the proper beard treatment products. These products can essentially make or break your beard, so it is important that you not only have beard care products but that you have the right ones. This article will discuss 2 essential beard care products and what they are used for: 

Beard Balm

Beard balm is an excellent beard treatment product to have on hand because it serves multiple purposes. First of all, the beard balm is excellent for providing your beard with the level of moisture that it needs to grow in thick and strong. It moisturizes the hairs and reinforces them so that they do not become brittle and break off. This essentially allows you to grow in that thick, long beard that most men are going for. Just be sure that you spread it throughout your entire beard when applying it to ensure that each hair is moisturized from root to tip. The beard balm can also help by soothing the face. When a beard is initially growing out, as well as during other growth phases, this can cause irritation to the face. By rubbing the beard balm into your skin, you can experience relief from this. 

A Beard Comb

No one wants a beard that is full of knots, has foods stuck in it, or otherwise looks gnarly and unkempt. A great way to avoid any of these things from happening is to purchase a beard comb and use it regularly. Unlike normal combs, the beard comb will generally have a shorter body and has teeth that are either wide or thin. The wide teeth are excellent for combing out beards that are long and thick because they have the strength behind them that is needed to work through the long, coarse hair. The fine tooth comb is more suited for shorter beards that aren't as likely to get knots or other areas that are hard to comb through, but still need to be combed out and well kept. Having one of each comb is generally a good idea because you may go through phases where you trim your beard and then grow it back out again, making it necessary to have one of each comb on hand for each phase of the growing process.