Women with short hair can often think that their hair is too short to really do anything with. This may be true if you're limiting yourself to 10 minutes and a hairbrush, but on your wedding day, you'll have a stylist and a couple of hours to make the magic happen. You can do something special with your short hair and look just as glamorous as ladies with longer hair on your wedding day. Here are a few options.

Create a Faux Up-do

Do you love the fancy up-dos you see in wedding magazines? Your stylist can create a faux up-do for your wedding day, even with your short hair. He or she will comb your hair towards the back of your head, create a few curls, and use a whole pile of bobby pins to hold the curled pieces in place. The curls can be carefully oriented so it looks like you have long strands pulled back into a puff or bun. Plus, a few clip-in extensions can be added to give the very back of the 'do more volume. The only person who will know your up-do isn't entirely real is you... and maybe your fiance.

Create Long Tresses With Clip-In Extensions

You might think of clip-in hair extensions as those brightly colored locks you used to buy at the drugstore as a teen, but professional clip-in extensions are a far cry from these gaudy creations. They feature very tiny clips and strands of either real or very realistic fake hair. It will take your stylist a while to put in enough to make it look like you have long, flowing locks — but it can be done! This strategy works best when you have your "hair" swept over one shoulder or to the side, since this makes it easier for your stylist to hide the clips beneath your real hair. They may need to add a couple of flowers or rhinestone accessories to hide the clips, but since these are common hair accessories at a wedding, nobody will be the wiser.

Wear a Headband

Headbands may seem like they are straight out of the 1970s, but there are plenty of delicate bridal headbands that add a hint of bling and character to straight hair without calling too much attention to themselves. Your stylist can part your hair slightly to the side and then place the headband carefully so that it does not slip out. It will actually help keep your part in place so you don't have to worry about looking wind-blown in your photos. (Hairspray will help, too.)

Rock Vintage Pin Curls

You've probably seen pin curls — those tight curls that actresses used to wear in the 1950s. They're lovely in short hair and can make you look absolutely stunning if you're going for that vintage look. Pin curls need to be wrapped very tightly and carefully, and your first attempt probably won't look that great, so definitely leave this one to your stylist. You can add a few accessories, like fresh flowers or a rhinestone pin, to give your pin-curled hair some more character. 

Keep in mind that the pin curl style is highly modifiable. You can have your curls pinned to one side, slightly back off your face, or more forward. Ask your stylist what he or she recommends for your face shape and outfit.

Short hair does not have to remain boring on your wedding day. Don't just wear it the same way you do day in and day out. Let your stylist use one of the options above to make you look glam!