If you are a person who generally keeps the same hairdo then changing it to something drastically different can be a bit intimidating, but it can also be exciting and give you fabulous results. If you have been thinking about a big change and have decided to give it a try, then here are some things that you can do to really change things up:

Cut your hair extremely short

If you have always kept your hair at a medium or long length, then you may have a hard time even imagining yourself in a very short haircut. However, you may find that you look great and have found a new way to wear your hair that you are so glad you decided to give a try.

If you find you don't like it, then you can always grow it back out and you can even use tape in hair extensions as soon as it is long enough for them if you cut your hair very short. You may even find you can have a lot of fun with wigs until your hair grows back to where you would rather it.

Dye your hair a bold color

You may be surprised at just how great a completely different color of hair looks on you. If you have always had blonde hair, then you may want to try bright red or even black. Some people find they look great in colors they would imagine looking horrible. If you have always had dark hair, then try going light. If you really want to go wild, then you can even go with blue or pink hair.

The great thing about coloring your hair is it can always be undone if you find that you really don't like the way it turns out. However, you should always give a new color a few days before you really judge it. It may just be the shock that leads you to think it doesn't look good and after you get used to it for a few days and hear other people's reactions, you may decide to keep it and that you really do like it.

Get tape in hair extensions

If you have short or medium hair then you may want to see what you look like with very long hair. Years ago, this wasn't really possible or it would cost so much money that it wasn't possible for people who don't have a whole lot of money. However, things have changed and now you can enjoy tape in hair extensions for a pretty affordable price. These extensions can make your hair as long as you want it. They are put in with clear tape that allows the natural color of your skin to be seen so they aren't noticeable. They attach to the hair in a way that allows you to brush, curl and otherwise style your hair without worrying about them coming out. You can get them so they match your hair color or you can choose them in a different color to be a little creative.

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