Beards are all the rage right now, seen on men everywhere of all ages. Beards come in all shapes and sizes, with mustaches or without. If you do have a beard though, you should maintain it so it doesn't just look like a scruffy mess of hair. Your beard should be properly brushed and washed. Without doing so, you could end up with dandruff, lice, or leftover food particles in your beard. See below for tips to keep your manly beard under control and looking great.

Keep It Clean

Yes, just like the hair on your head, your beard should be washed as well. Use your regular shampoo, or you can use a beard shampoo to wash it. Some soaps can dry out your skin or your beard, which may lead to itchiness or dandruff. Wash your beard every day, or less often if your beard doesn't get too dirty. Scrub your beard just as you would the hair on your head. If your skin is sensitive, use a shampoo or beard shampoo that is made for sensitive skin.

Add Oil And Cream

Beard oil and beard cream/balm helps to control your beard. It helps keep those scraggly pieces of hair under control and in shape. Use a dab of the balm in the palm of your hand and rub your palms together, then apply it to your beard. The oil can be applied in the same way. Look for beard oil or beard cream/balm at your local pharmacy. Longer beards may not get enough natural oils to the strands, which can look dry. The oil can help add moisture to the beard to keep it from looking dried out.

Brush Or Comb Your Beard

Use a beard comb or brush to brush through your beard. This will help prevent it from looking too scruffy and instead polished and well-put together. Use a natural bristle brush or a wooden comb with wider teeth to be able to get through your beard without getting caught in the tangles. Brush it from the neck out on the underside of your beard, then brush it from the top to the bottom on the front, then brush through the sides. This way you brush through it entirely. You can use your comb to style your beard and make it look fuller or not quite as full.

Your beard should be maintained and taken care of to keep it looking full, tame, and to prevent dryness or dandruff. If you're having a problem growing out your beard, try using a natural beard growing oil for that full manly beard. Contact a company, like Beard Farmer, for more.