If you're dealing with hair loss, you want to nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. Finding all that hair in the tub or on your shirt can be disconcerting. Not only that, but premature hair loss can dramatically affect your self-confidence. Here are four steps you should take as soon as you see those hairs coming off in your brush.

Start with a Trip to the Doctor

If you've started losing your hair, it's time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. You may have an underlying health issue that's causing the hair loss. Your doctor can provide you with a treatment plan for the health issues, and for the hair loss. Once the health issues are under control, you should experience a decrease in the hair loss. If an underlying health issues isn't at the root of your hair loss, your doctor will still be able to provide you with a treatment plan to help slow down—or stop—the hair loss.

Switch to a Gentle Shampoo

If you wash your hair with a harsh shampoo, you could be adding to the hair loss. Harsh shampoos strip your hair of vital nutrients and dry out the follicles, leading to an increased occurrence of hair loss. As soon as you notice a problem with hair loss, switch to a gentle shampoo. It's also important that you add a mild conditioner to your daily routine, as well. The conditioner will help eliminate tangles that can add to the hair loss. Not only that, but conditioner adds body and texture to your hair, which makes the hair loss less noticeable.

Add a Daily Vitamin to Your Routine

If you don't take a daily vitamin, it's time to start, especially if you're dealing with hair loss. Adding Vitamin D and other essential vitamins to your daily diet will help slow down the hair loss and improve the health and quality of your hair.

Let Your Hair Dry Before Brushing

If you brush your hair as soon as you've washed it, you need to put the brush down for a while. Brushing your hair while it's still wet increases your risk of hair loss. That's because you lose more hair when you brush while it's wet. Instead, wrap your hair in a towel to soak most of the water and then let it air dry. Once your hair is dry, you can brush your hair.

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