Curly-haired guys can make the most of their ringlet locks with quality men's haircut services. But the care shouldn't stop at the stylist's door. Whether you want to extend the life of your haircut or eliminate everyday frizz, take a look at the top haircare tips for men and their curls.

Wash Less

Unless you have serious scalp needs, sweat often, or have excess oil, skip a daily shampoo. Over-washing your hair can dry it out, leaving it unmanageable and frizzy.

Shampoo Wisely

When you do shampoo, choose a moisturizing or hydrating brand. Avoid anything made specifically for oily hair or clarifying shampoos. While once in a while use of a clarifying shampoo can remove buildup left behind from styling products, using it daily (or even weekly) has a drying effect.

Condition Too

Don't skip the conditioning step. This adds the hydration your curls need and reduces frizz. Choose a conditioner made for curly hair or a frizz-fighting product. If you don't have time for this second in-shower step, opt for a leave-in conditioner that you coat or spray onto clean, wet hair.

Mask Occasionally

There's no rule saying that hair masks are only for women. Men can have great success with these beauty treats. Pick a hydrating mask and follow the directions. Some masks are for in-shower use, while others require an overnight stay. Take cues from your hair to figure out how often to use a mask. If your hair seems particularly parched, it's mask time. If not, you can wait.

Air Dry

Forget about frying your hair under a dryer. There's no need for this when you're a curly-haired guy. Unless you use a diffuser attachment (and know how to use it properly), the hair dryer zaps moisture and will add to the frizz factor. Air drying leaves the moisture where it belongs—in your hair.

Pick Products Well

Wise product selection can make the difference between stylish curls and a frizz-filled head of hair. Pomades, and other wax-based products, provide the hold you need while smoothing your curls. If you don't like the texture of waxy products, a sea salt spray or a light-hold moisturizing mousse can tame the frizz and control your curls.

Are you still not sure what type of shampoo, conditioner, or other product will make the most of your curls? That's okay. Your stylist is more than someone who just offers haircut services. They can help you to create the right routine that works for your curls.