Wanting a bold new look, you sit down in the stylist's chair, and say "dye it red." Sound familiar? Red has the reputation of being a bold and saucy hair color — one for women who are not afraid to speak their minds or do what they love. It can look fabulous, too. However, having your hair dyed red does come with a few intricacies and challenges, and it's best to consider these before committing to the look.

Different reds complement different skin tones.

There are many shades of red. Your stylist can choose a more pink-ish red if you have pale skin or a deeper red with rust tones if you're more olive-skinned. This helps ensure your skin and hair colors complement each other. So if you saw a shade of red in a photo that you just love, make sure you ask your stylist if it complements your skin tone before putting it on your own head. If she thinks it won't look quite right, ask her to recommend a shade that will look better.

Red does not look good with every outfit.

If you currently have blonde or brown hair, you're probably not used to having to coordinate your outfit with your hair. With red hair, however, you'll need to take your hair into consideration when choosing colors. Purple may not look great on you; it may clash with your hair. And other reds may look odd because they're close, but not exactly the same shade of your hair.

Red is tough to dye over.

Once you have red put into your hair, you have to be committed to it. Dying over red is a bit tough. It can be done, but your stylist will first need to remove the color in order to dye over it. This can be a time-consuming process and a costly one. If you're not certain you'll love red hair, consider a temporary color that washes out before committing to a permanent one.

Red should really be applied by a stylist.

If you were thinking of dying your own hair red to save money, don't do it. If you miss a strand, let the color sit too long, or choose the wrong tone, the results will send you to the salon begging for a fix anyways. Leave this one to your stylist — she has a certification and is considered an expert for a reason!

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