Even in the best of circumstances, a wig can get dirty. When you have a full lace wig, you may be cautious about trying to wash it. But one of the major advantages of 100% human hair full wigs is that they can be treated like real hair. That includes styling, applying products, and washing. Here's what you need to know.

First: You Can Take It to the Salon

If you have a particularly expensive wig, there's no reason to risk it. You can take it to a salon for a wash. Many salons provide this service. Not only can they wash it for you, but they can also style it the way that you like. Your salon will usually charge you for a regular shampoo and styling for the wig, and you can take your wig in regularly to keep it maintained. Salons have all the equipment and products right there.

Washing and Drying a Human Hair Wig on Your Own

If you're going to be wearing wigs consistently or have moderately priced wigs, you may benefit from washing and drying them on your own. When washing and drying a human hair wig, you'll be using the same products that you would ordinarily use on your own hair.

To wash and dry a human hair wig:

  • Brush the hair thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Wet the wig completely by holding it under cold water.
  • Work shampoo and water through the hair from the top of the wig to the end of the hair strands.
  • Rinse the wig completely with cold water.
  • Apply conditioner throughout the wig and rinse again.
  • Gently squeeze the water out of the wig, from top to bottom.
  • Place the wig on a thick, absorbent towel.
  • Use another towel to press any excess moisture out of the wig.
  • Dry the wig with cold or warm air from a hairdryer, blown downwards.
  • Brush the wig out once completely dry.

Once you're done, the wig should look just as it did before. If it had been styled before, you may need to restyle it. Curls are usually produced through curling irons, and curling irons can be used to give a flat wig some body.

When properly maintained, human hair wigs can last quite a long time. If you accidentally feel that you ruined your wig in the wash, take it back to where you purchased it: they may be able to save it.