Most people really don't want to age, but aging is inevitable. What you can do is try to slow the aging process — or at least the effects that the aging process has on your skin. There is a wide array of moisturizers and creams out there that promise to tighten and tone, reverse or slow the signs of aging. But one ingredient that works particularly well for this purpose is helichrysum. Here's a closer look at this ingredient and how it works.

What is helichrysum?

Actually, this ingredient is a flower. It's bright yellow, and it looks like a cross between a daisy at a cattail. The flowers are tall with many skinny, cylindrical petals. Helichrysum grows well in western Europe and the Mediterranean region, and it was used as a healing compound by the ancient Greeks. The flowers themselves are usually dried, and then oils are extracted from them. This oil is what's commonly used in various moisturizers, creams, and tonics.

What do helichrysum products actually do?

This ingredient's power lies in the fact that it's a powerful antioxidant. In other words, it helps prevent free oxygen radicals from causing damage to your cells. Oxygen radical damage is one of the contributors to aging, so by binding to free oxygen radicals, helichrysum helps prevent your skin from developing signs of aging. In this manner, it can help prevent wrinkles, age spots, and sagging. Will helichrysum make you look 20 again? No. But it may keep you looking 45 for the next decade or two if you use it regularly.

What is the best way to use helichrysum products?

While you can find washes and toners that contain helichrysum as an active ingredient, your best bet is to look for a moisturizer that contains helichrysum. This way, the product remains on your skin for hours on end. Plus, the moisturizer is absorbed through your pores, bringing helichrysum with it, whereas cleansers and the like often just sit on top of the skin. 

Make sure you wash your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and apply any toners or tonics. Let your skin dry completely, and then apply the helichrysum moisturizers. Leave it on all night. You can do the same thing in the morning. If you wear makeup, make sure you give the moisturizer at least 10 minutes to absorb into your skin before applying the makeup.

To fight signs of aging, helichrysum moisturizers really are a good choice. They're safe, easy to find, and effective. Look for a helichrysum moisturizer in stores near you.