Curly hair can easily start to look unruly if it's not cut and styled just so. Learning to style curly hair is a lot easier when you start with a haircut that suits your curls. So, what type of cut should you ask your barber for? Here are a few options that tend to work well for men with curly hair.


A simple fringe haircut tends to work well for men with looser curls. This cut has the sides cut short, often with clippers. The hair at the top of the head is left significantly longer. You can sweep the hair over slightly, comb it all forward, or even sweep it back, depending on your preferences that day. Since the sides are so short, it will be a long time before your cut starts looking messy.


The pompadour is similar to the fringe. The sides are cut short or clipped, and the hair at the top of the head is left longer, but the hair at the very front of the head is the longest of all. This way, you can leave a few curls draping down over your forehead like bangs. The pompadour has a more modern look and is often favored by younger men.

High Fade

In a high fade, the hair is cut very short at the nape of the neck and around the ears. It gradually gets longer as you move towards the top of the head. This is a more subtle style than either the pompadour or the fringe, but it still has the effect of keeping your cut tidy with short sides. It works well for men with slightly tighter curls. You can have the top cut a little shorter if you want to go longer between cuts, and the cut will still look balanced.

Low Bald Fade

Men with tight curls also tend to like a low bald fade. The hair is shaved around the ears and the nape of the neck, but then it is quickly faded into a longer length about two or three inches above the ears. This is a more dramatic style than the others on the list, and it will leave you looking a bit bushy once the hair grows out. But that style looks great on some curly-haired men.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to ask a barber to cut your curly hair. They may have some additional style recommendations based on your unique curl pattern.

Speak with a barber near you for more information regarding haircuts for men.