There are a few ways that your skin may age prematurely, starting with things like excessive exposure to the sun and certain toxins, like cigarette smoke and alcohol. However, even if you were to protect your skin from all outside factors that could potentially harm it, your own facial movements throughout the day may be aging your skin prematurely. Here's what you should know about this problem and how you can address any issues it causes.

Stretching Skin

Everyone moves the muscles in their face unconsciously throughout the day. You may squint, wince, smirk, smile, grin, frown, or scrunch your brow without even realizing you're doing it. If you think that you don't, try setting up a video camera to point at you while you're having a conversation or watching TV. You'll discover soon enough that you make plenty of facial expressions without meaning to.

Unfortunately, these movements can cause your skin to stretch. A little facial movement isn't a problem, of course. But over the course of decades, especially as your skin starts to lose some of its natural elasticity, this movement can cause it to break down and get looser faster.

Overworking Muscles

If you've ever worked out or admired someone who does, chances are you've seen how muscle development can change the shape of the body. It's usually considered a good thing, but not so much with the face.

Muscle movement in the face can cause similar bulges and valleys to form like the rest of the body does with developed muscles. Of course, it's much less pronounced, since you're not lifting weights with your face and your muscles are smaller there. However, with enough facial movement, wrinkles can develop as the skin sinks down into the valleys formed between muscles that have become overdeveloped.

What to Do

If you're not sure what to do about this, you should know that one of the best ways to address these problems (or to avoid them in the first place) is to get Botox.

Botox helps to minimize how much your face moves unconsciously. This allows the muscles to relax, smooth out, and lose some of their excess mass, which can help to make wrinkles and fine lines appear fainter. You won't have to actively think about it; the injectable will take care of everything for you.

There are a lot of aspects of aging that can't be avoided or that require a lot of work to do so. However, with Botox, one of the most visible parts of your body can look better for longer.

For more information on Botox, contact a professional near you.