Beard oil can help keep the beard hair groomed, in place, and healthy. If you're a black man, you probably look for beard oils that are a bit on the thicker, heavier side. These oils often have a base of coconut oil, sometimes with some jojoba oil added. But what about the therapeutic essential oils in beard oils? What ones should you be looking for? Here are a few top options.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

If you've ever stored something in a cedar chest or put cedar mulch down on your garden bed, then you're familiar with the scent of cedarwood essential oil. It's a lovely, woodsy, and natural aroma that's perfect for beard oil. It also has conditioning properties, making it a good choice for men with dry skin or beard hair.


If you ever struggle with blemishes or ingrown hairs in your beard area, look for a beard oil made with lavender essential oil. Lavender has natural antibacterial properties and will help stop blemishes in their tracks. It also has calming properties, making it a good choice for men who groom their beards in the evening before bed.


If you groom your beard in the morning and sometimes find yourself craving a little lift, then lemon essential oil is a good ingredient to look for in your beard oil. Lemon is fresh, zesty, and will wake up both you and your skin. It's also said to have anti-aging properties, which is good news if you'd like to prevent wrinkles in your beard area.


Rosemary essential oil is said to help hair look shinier and smoother. So, if your beard ever looks a little rough or dull, this is a prime ingredient to look for. Its herbaceous, leafy aroma is also perfect for morning use.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another good choice for anyone who is prone to blemishes, ingrown hairs, or other skin problems. It's a potent antibacterial and antifungal oil. However, it can be a little drying at times. So, you may want to use a beard oil formulated with tea tree oil a few days a week and a different beard oil the other days.

Keep the options above in mind as you shop for beard oil. The various essential oils in these products are not just there for their scents. Each one has its own therapeutic properties and benefits. 

For more information, contact a local company that sells beard oil for black men