When you need a fuller or more trendy head of hair, a custom hair topper can be what meets your needs best. You can get a custom hair topper from your wig supplier or via another source.

Learn what a hair topper is, why you would need one, and why a custom hair topper can be your best choice. Human hair toppers will cost more than synthetic versions of the same, but the investment is great either way. Choose a budget and discover what a custom hair topper can do for you here.

What is a hair topper?

Imagine a thinner wig that sits on top of your existing hair to make your natural hair appear fuller and thicker on top. This is what a hair topper is. Many people use a hair topper to make an updo or other hairstyle look more full and this hair addition helps make hair more versatile for several styles.

Why would you need a hair topper?

A hair topper is a great addition to your hair if you have to use other means of making your hair look thicker already, including wearing full wigs, ratting or back-combing your hair, or teasing your hair with lots of hair spray and other hair agents to make it appear thicker. A custom hair topper can be a better and more effective way of making your hair look thicker and can give you great results.

Why choose a custom hair topper?

A custom hair topper goes beyond just being a hair topper that matches your hair's color and texture. You can find a generic hair topper that can look well enough on your hair and help you feel great about the way your hair looks. A custom hair topper will be one that will fit the shape of your head more than a traditional one will and may be wider or thinner depending on your hair needs.

Your custom hair topper should look so much like your traditional hair that it looks natural and should be comfortable when you're wearing it as well as easy to put on and take off. When you have a hair topper put on your head, you'll quickly see its benefits and be able to enjoy having a head of hair that looks more full and lush. Your personal style can be worn every day, and when you feel like taking your hair up a notch or two, your hair topper can fill this need. 

For more information about custom hair toppers, contact a local company.